Mar 24, 2013

Places in the Netherlands: the Hague

Hello there lovely people! I went on a 'daddy daughter date' and I took some pictures to share my day with you guys! My dad and I spent some time together in the Hague. The Hague, as you might know, isn't the capitol of the Netherlands, but it's a very important city because our government is located there.

We arrived in the morning at the Hague Central Station and decided to start the day with a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Starbucks was pretty quiet which gave us the time to sit down for a little while. I ordered a caramal latte (if I remember correctly) and my dad ordered a standard black coffee.

Beside spending some time together, our mission of the day was to visit the exhibition named Gustave Caillebotte in the 'gemeentemuseum the Hague'. The 'gemeentemuseum' is located just outside the center of the city, so we took the tram to get there.

The 'gemeentemuseum' has been one of my favourite museums since I was little. The architecture and style of the building are quite dated, yet it suits the purpose of the museum quite well.

The exhibition shows the work of Caillebotte, whom are mainly photographs and paintings. His works illustrates how he used photohraphy and photograph perspectives in his paintings. Which was quite unusual in his day. We watched a movie about his live and walked through all of the rooms filled with his work.

Leaving the museum, I felt inspired and impressed. Gustave was original and innovative in his time and he left us this amazing collection of work. I felt especially drawn towards the photos of the city he lived in, which showed the renovation of Paris.

Walking to the tram, that would take us back to the centrum, the sun started shining and the air felt crisp and mellow. We ate lunch in 'de Bijenkorf' and I ordered a tuna sandwich and a banana and yoghurt smoothie.

The day wouldn't be complete without some shopping, therefore we walked through the 'Spuistraat' and the Passage whom are both filled with lovely stores.

Finally the day came to an end and we decided to eat dinner at one of our favourite restaurants called 'Vapiano'. We both ordered the same pizza and enjoyed talking about the experiences we had that day.

That's it! We had an amazing and enjoyable day in the Hague!

What's your favourite city to visit?