Mar 31, 2013

Food Diary #1 (College Student Edition)

Hello there lovely people! I've been documenting some of the meals I've eaten in the last couple of days. Since I'm a student, I have to deal with eating alone most of the time and a low budget for buying food. Although I'm limited with my knowledge and time, I really love being creative with preparing meals. I'm in no way saying that what I eat is healthy or the best for me. I'm (just) trying to do the best I know and can. I'm hoping this will give you some ideas for preparing your own meals!

Easy and healthy dinner
It can be hard to eat healthy whilst your in the middle of preparing for exams, schoolwork or other activities since you don't have a lot of time to prepare a meal. On days like that I resort to eating these salad meals. These are available at almost every supermarket. The one I ate this weak consists of all sorts of lettuce, some pasta, salmon, capers and dressing. This meal is defenitely easy to prepare and tastes delicious.

Delicious breakfast
I'm trying to make breakfast an exciting meal, because usually I'm running around trying to get ready and I don't have much time to sit down and eat a good and healthy meal. This week I bought some semi skimmed vanilla yoghurt and I decided to add some fresh raspberries. Unfortunately, raspberries won't last that long so I ate them all in two days.

Comfort food
I can't eat healthy all the time, so I made some mac 'n cheese. This is one of my favourite meals and it's really easy to prepare. I used pasta, ham, small tomatos, unions and lots of cheese! Everytime I eat this meal I feel a little bit American because I found out about this recipe through YouTubers I'm subscribed to and I love it!

Fish-y dinner 
I love fish, I'd choose fish over meat everyday. I was craving some bread and soup all week, and finally I decided to buy some chicken vegetable soup and I ate it with two baguettes. The salmon slices were discounted this week so I treated myself to some salmon and crab salad. It was de-lic-ious!

Almost Easter breakfast
On saturday I woke up at my parents house and ate a very simple, yet festive meal consisting of Matze's (or in English; Matzo) and a banana. Matze's look like really big crackers, but they are in fact an unleavened bread that is traditionally eaten by Jews during the Passover holiday. It has been a family tradition to eat Matze's at Easter and I've been looking forward to eating them all year long!

That's all for today! I hope you found it interesting! If you'd like me to do another food diary, let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to do another one! Also, if there are any recipes you'd recommend to me, I'd be excited to try them out!

Happy Easter!