Jan 23, 2013

Review: Garnier Hydrating Day Cream

On weekdays I live in Rotterdam; a city with approximately 1,2 million residents. All those people together create a lot of pollution. And although most of it isn't visible during the day, I've started to see the effects of all the filth on my skin.

Together with the freezing temperatures and pollution my skin has been getting dry, a little rough and it's showing some redness here and there. Hence I've started trying out samples of day creams a couple of weeks ago. Garnier Fresh Essentials Hydrating Day Care Day Cream is one of my favourites and that's why I've decided to buy the actual product.

This 50 ml pot of hydrating day cream smells extremely fresh and a little bit fruity. You can get the day cream at Amazon for only 4 pounds. I really dislike moisturizers that are sticky, thick or shiny. And that's exactly why I love this product. It's smells delicious, smears amazingly well (you'll only need a tiny bit to cover your face!) and sinks into your skin without leaving traces.

After a couple of days of using this product my skin started to regain its smoothness. It's definitely doing the job of hydrating my skin. I felt a little worried about using blush (or other make-up products) over this moisturizer, but I shouldn't have worried because there are no problems whatsoever. Since the cream sinks into your skin fairly quickly you're free to apply your make-up as usual without even noticing the day cream.

Another great product in the Garnier Skin Naturals line is the tonic. I use this product to freshen up my face either in the morning or after I've cleaned my face at night. And this smells great as well!


I will definitely repurchase this moisturizer since the effect is exactly what I was looking (and hoping) for!

Any great moisturizers out there that I should check out? Let met know!