Feb 6, 2013

Review: Rituals Face Masks

Do any of you know the face masks by Rituals? I've seen them many times in the store, however I've never used them before. I got two of their face masks as a present which is perfect, because now I have no excuse to use them and write a review for you guys about them!

Face masks are more than great products for your skin; they're the perfect thing to do on a girls night, bonding time with your sister or special one-on-one time with your mom. They're relaxing and a lot of fun!

The package I recieved contains two face masks. One is for vitality & energy and the other one is an intensive moisturizing mask. I have to say that I already love the packaging at this point. It's simple, elegant and functional. The desicription is very usefull and well written.

Vitality and Energy Mask:
The first mask I used is the Vitality & Energy Mask which contains Tibetan Roseroot and Papaya Extract to give your skin a radiant glow and make it look refreshed and energised.

Before using the mask I cleansed my face with lukewarm water to open my pores and get rid of any filth. I gently applied the mask all over my face, avoiding the areas around my eyes. The substance has a light yellow colour and smells very soft and fresh. The mask was very easy to apply and looked, surprisingly, transparant after applying!

I'm already really liking the effect of this mask. I like how the smell is light and not overpowering. It feels extremely soft and warm on your face, which is very important when you want to this mask to make you feel relaxed as well. The vitality & energy mask sinks into your skin without making your face feel stiff.

This isn't a peel off mask, it is easily removed with some cotton pads and a little bit of water. Over all I love this mask a lot! The next morning my skin felt smooth and super soft!

Intensive Moisturizing Mask:
The next mask Is supposed to moisturize your skin. It contains Blue Ginger and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin and make it feel really soft and supple.

This mask feels and looks very different from the first one. For starters, it looks white and feels a lot thicker. When you apply this mask it will look completely transparant as well, but it does smell a lot heavier than the Vitality and Energy Mask. It almost smells a bit like perfum. I didn't mind the smell, but I did mind the way it pricks on your skin, which isn't really helping to make you feel relaxed.

A positive thing about both the masks is that they don't harden, which as a result will make your skin feel normal and flexible throughout the period that the mask is on your face. They're really great for hydrating your skin and making it feel very soft and refreshed. Also I love how easy they are to remove.

That's my review for today! I will definitely try out more Rituals face masks, but I might stay away from the Intensive Moisturising one.

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