Jan 20, 2013

Beating the January Blues

You might be one of many people who are experiencing January Blues. Which means your house seems empty without all the Christmas decorations, the weather is cold and gloomy, the bills from all the holiday expenses are falling on your doorstep and all the great parties and festivities are over. And to make it even worse, the third monday in January is set to be the most depressing day of the year.

On a brighter note, I've collected 6 things from my personal life that make my life a little better, and they might make yours as well. These are things you can buy or make yourself! And if you're not in the buying or making mood, atleast let them inspire you to beat the January Blues.

Face wipes
I used to clean my face at night with cotton pads and make-up remover, but through YouTube I heard about face wipes. These wipes, available in any drugstore or supermarket, will make it easier and pleasant to remove any make-up on your face. Instead of having to deal with the cotton pads, the bottle of make-up remover you'll only need one wipe to clean off you face. Another bonus is that they're great for traveling or carrying around in your purse!

My bedroom floor is a beautiful woody material, which looks great but is really cold in the morning. I've come to realize that my morning routine is a huge part of how my mood is going to be that day. For me, waking up in a pleasant and comfortable way makes me feel happier and motivated. No one likes to feel cold, have cold feet or touch a cold floor with your warm and sleepy body. A great solution to this is fake sheepskin. I've put mine next to my bed, which is great because now my feet never have to touch the cold floor in the morning!

Yes, you're reading this correctly. My number three item is a backpack. And this one might be more for girls, because a lot of girls use handbags, totes or purses to carry their things in. I've used a backpack for most of my time in highschool, and I'm using one now in college. Although I love handbags and I've used one for a couple of months, I think backpacks are more effective. Atleast for carrying heavy things in, like school supplies. A backpack usually has more room, won't make your arm, shoulder or back ache and actually looks really cool!

You might be thinking, what do pets have to do with any of this? Well, research has shown that taking care for an animal, cuddling or petting an animal can help you feel better; including reducing anxiety, stress, loneliness, the risk of strokes and improving your immune function. Beside all the health benefits, having a pet is a lot of fun and great company.

It has been freezing cold and snowing for the last week, which means getting bundled up; wearing scarfs, hats and mittens! However, by doing that my feet are still really cold, especially when I'm walking in the snow. Well, when that's the case, try wearing boots with fur inside, like Uggs or moon boots. I wear my Ugg boots without socks and they keep my feet super warm! But be warned, when you have Uggs you're likely to want to sleep with them, they are that comfortable!

Nailpolish remover
Last summer I visited Copenhagen with my parents and had a great time. We shopped at a famous warehouse called Illum and I bought my first OPI nailpolish there. The friendly saleswomen recommended a nailpolish remover, which I'd never seen before! This nail polish remover is so easy to use, you won't need cotton pads or a liquid remover, but only your nails and this product. The remover is so effective that you'll never ever have to walk around with chipped nails, you'll be able to change your look as often as you like!

Ready to beat the January Blues? Do you guys have any advice for me? Let me know!