Jan 16, 2013

Dutch streets covered with snow

Two things that don’t go well together are 'the Netherlands' and 'snow'. Although I love waking up to see the world covered in the white substance we call snow, it seems like the entire country is in chaos.

Yesterday morning, on the news, they warned people that if there wasn’t a real need to go onto the streets, they should stay inside. However traffic jams were already arising and together created a length of a little over 1000 kilometers. Which is incredible, since the length of our country is around 300 kilometers. Oh and before I forget, we’re talking about approximately 10 centimeters of snow..

Since the whole country is in turmoil and I enjoy the snow, I’ve taken some photo’s that will give you an idea of how the streets look. 


So, what's your opinion about snow? And what's the weather like where you live? Tweet me or send me a picture on instagram!