Mar 17, 2013

TAG: What do you drink?

Hello there lovely people! I wanted to make a blogpost about what I drink, because I absolutely love drinking and I definitely have my likes and dislikes. Therefore I'm creating my own 'TAG' to make this blogpost even more fun!

What's your breakfast drink?
I drink Vifit every morning, and I've done this for the past three years. Vifit is a Dutch dairy product that contains the LGG bacteria. Drinking vifit gives me energy and it keeps my digestion running smoothly due to the bacteria that's in it. There are a couple of flavours, but my favourite is 'red fruits'.

What do you like to drink during the day?
I'm obsessed with drinking Iced Tea. Especially the Arizona Iced Tea! I love the taste and the package design! Since there are a lot of calories in Iced Tea I try to drink the grean tea version, which (most of the time) has less calories. I really like pomegranate Iced Tea, especially when it's really cold. 

Favourite alcoholic beverage?
I don't drink beer, I like white wine, but my favourite alcoholic beverage (that I've tried) is rosé wine. I like the sweet taste, it's almost lemonade but stronger and with alcohol. 

Tea or coffee?
Tea! I love drinking tea with my friends or roommate in the evening or on cold days. I'm a sucker for fruity tea, chai tea or spicy tea. I try to drink it without adding any sugar, to make the drink as healthy as possible. I also really enjoy the picking out a cute tea mug!

What do you order at Starbucks?
In the previous question I told you I prefer tea over coffee, but I'm starting to get into coffee a lot more lately. I don't like the standard black coffee that all Dutch people seem to like! However I love coffee with caramel or another taste. I like a 'Bambino' or a 'Frappuchino' and I'd order that at Starbucks. 

What do you drink at dinner?
I usually drink either Ice Tea, any fruit drink (like mango, orange juice or tropical fruit) or just water. I like to mix it up at dinner, because I don't want to drink the same thing over and over again every day. 

What's your 'guilty pleasure drink'?
I'm such a sucker for hot chocolate! I could drink this every day.. but I'm trying to contain myself! I usually make this at least once a week during winter. If you'd like to see my hot chocolate recipe you can read it here

Do you make any drinks yourselfs?
Yes, I do! In one of my latest blogposts I've shown you how I make smoothies with a blender. I'm still trying out new recipes and I absolutely love doing that. I think smoothies will be delicious for spring and summer and I'm looking forward to sharing more recipes with you!

That's all! I TAG everyone who's reading to do this tag! OR, if you don't have a blog, you can answer all (or one) of the questions in the comments below!