Feb 13, 2013

Instagram Addiction & Printagreat

Me: Hello, my name is Catie and I'm an Instagram addict.
Crowd: Welcome Catie!

Yes, that's me. That is exactly how it will be like when I check myself in to 'Instagram rehab'. I am more and more falling in love with this great, this amazing application. I am the kid in school known for taking photo's of everything, walking back to get the angle just right and picking out my favourite filter during breaks. And I am not ashamed of it!

This is outside my college in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I am not claiming to be a professional photographer, I am everything except that, but that's exactly what Instagram is all about (atleast for me..). Instagram is the kind of application that gives aspiring photographers, people with an interest for photography and also people who just love sharing moments of their life, a great platform to do just that; taking photo's and sharing memories.

I am not sure why I, and so many others with me, feel the urge to share our lives, to capture those moments. I am however certain that I need to, somehow, contain those moments. Whether it is through photographs, video's, diaries, writing or social media updates; sharing our lives has become a great part of our (and my) day to day routine.

I used a recipe to make these New York Classic Hot Dogs.
Instagram however is so much more than 140 characters on Twitter; it's showing the faces of people you laughed with, the food you cooked, the place you visited, the colour of the sky on a summer day or the random object you found laying on the ground. I love how easy it is to share these both amazing and random moments.

Although I love sharing these experiences with my friends, family and classmates, I have to admit that for the most part I do this for myself. Browsing through my Instagram photo's is like taking a trip down memory lane. And the cool thing is that my Instagram moments are so different from photos you take on vacation or holidays. They are my real life, the real thing. They're not taken in sunny resorts with people posing for a photo, no they're the things I see, do and experience on a daily basis. And they're all taken with my phone, through my eyes and my perspective. Looking at my photo's is like learning about me; they're the things that stood out to me, and in an angle that I thought fit best.
This photo is taken from underneath the famous Erasmusbrug.

To conclude this rant on Instagram (and no, I am not sponsored to say these things) I would like to point out one more thing. Instagram is a great digital application, where you can take your photo's and keep them online and on your phone, but how awesome would it be if you could actually have these moments to hold and to look at. To hang them above your bed, or in your room, to let them inspire you everyday!

Well, there's a solution for that! I found this great website called Printagreat, which lets you print your photo's in polaroid size on thick paper for a reasonable price. I've started with 20 photo's but I've ordered a new pack, because I love it so much! And it looks so cool on my wall! Also, these photos are great conversation starters! 

Walking by the sea near my parents house in Zeeland.
I'm sure there are more websites that offer services like this one, but I like Printagreat, so check them out if you ever have the urge to have your photos printed!

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