Feb 17, 2013

Actioncode for Printagreat & DIY Wall Idea

This is your lucky day! The amazing people at Printagreat read my last blogpost and gave me a special actioncode to give away! So if you're interested in purchasing a pack of your Instagram photos, you can use the code 'catie' for a special discount! If you purchase any packs at the website tweet them a 'thank you' @printagreat to let them know you appreciate it!

As I said in my last blogpost, I've ordered my second package with 20 photos. It came two days later and this is what it looked like!

My photos came in this small square box with the Printagreat colours and logo on the outside.

I love it when packages are creative and beautifully wrapped. This package holds itself together without any glue or tape. The way this is made makes this package reusable, which is great when you want to store your photos in this little box.

For my Dutch readers this will be readable, but for anyone else I will give you a translation. The little cardboard card gives you instructions on how to get a 2 euro discount on your next order! Ofcourse, you can also use the actioncode 'catie'!

And there they are; my 20 Instagram photos. The photos are printed on a thick material (almost cardboard) and they're all printed the same size. I love the matte finish, because it really accentuates the vintage look and feel.

There are loads of things you can do with these photos, like making a scrapbook, sending them as cards to your friends, putting them in frames or... hanging them on your wall like I did. I used some double sided tape and put a little piece in the middle of each photo. I made rows of 4 photo's high and, with two packs together, I have now 20 photos on my wall!

Send me pictures of your packs and what you did with them @catiemccartney or leave a comment below telling me what you think about Instagram and/or Printagreat!