Jan 6, 2013

Music: Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk

I've been watching my favourite male actor since the first episode of the TV serie House MD. It should come as no surprise that I was excited to hear that Hugh released his debut Album 'Let Them Talk' in May 2011.

Since then I've listened to snippets of the numbers that are in the album on Youtube, but recently I stumbled across the Special Edition CD! I couldn't walk away without buying it, so I did, and here are my thoughts about it.

Let Them Talk consists of 19 classic blues songs. Some are collaborations, with artists like Tom Jones and Imra Thomas. Laurie's role in this album is playing piano, guitar and... providing the lead vocals, with his amazing and unique voice! Which is just fantastic for every fangirl- or boy.

I love listening to his music whilst reading, sitting in the living room, having great talks with my family or while driving a car. The songs are diverse, but in a nice way. It's not like listening to one sound over and over again. They're clearly amazing blues songs, with thoughtful lyrics and great harmonies.

The music makes you feel like you're listening to a story being told. A couple of my favourite songs are You don't Know my Mind, Swanee River, and St. Jamer Infirmary: 

I clearly love this album, whether it's because of Hugh Laurie's voice and charm, remains a question, but I am sure it has something to do with the way he can play a long and beautiful piano piece in St. James Infirmary as well as sing like nothing is holding him back in They're Red Hot. 

Any House MD fangirls or boys reading this? Let me know below or @catiemccartney!