Jan 9, 2013

Happy Memories Jar

The beginning of 2013 has inspired a lot of people to establish their personal goals or resolutions for the upcoming year. I’ve never really been into making them for myself before, but I’ve always admired the people who do. I think it’s a healthy way of living; to create goals, guidelines and maybe even a roadmap of how to get there. By doing so, you’re giving yourself expectations, things to live and work for, which means you’re growing and developing.

This year I would like to become healthier, happier, complete my third year at college, strengthen the relationships I have and experience loads of things that life has to offer. Since I absolutely love projects and I want to keep developing myself into the best version I can be, I’ve created my own twist on new year’s resolutions (inspired by the internet).

Being happy, enjoying life, making the most of it; that’ll be my focus for 2013. So I thought to myself, how do I focus on happiness, on the awesome things in my life? I have to make myself realize that they’re there, that eveyday will contain at least one little thing that made me smile or feel a little better.

So I’m starting this year with writing them down on little pieces of paper. Maybe not everyday, but I’ll atleast try to. I will collect the papers in a jar to keep them and to make sure I won’t forget all the great things that happened to me. And won’t it be awesome to, at the end of 2013, have a jar full of happy memories?

I’ve already started and I can tell you that it’s working, it’s great! I’m more concious of the experiences I have, I start looking for the things that make me smile, make me feel good. And I’m remembering them; I remember the toddler who waved at me in the subway with its cute smile, the boy who held the door open for me like a gentlemen, the co-worker who gave me a compliment, the message I got from a family member..

I guess the moral in this blogpost isn’t that you have to keep a ‘Happy Memories Jar’, but to start realizing, start looking for the little (and big) things that make you happy!

In the comments below or @catiemccartney tell me what made you happy today! I’m looking forward to hearing your stories!