Jan 2, 2013

Favourite lip treatment: Lush and Kiehl's

Winter makes my lips extremely dry and chipped, which makes them look really unhealthy. Luckily I've found two products that help me maintain soft and healthy lips, even if it's really cold outside!

I start of with, this may sound weird, licking my lips with my tongue, making them a little bit wet (to make the scrub stick). When they're a little wet I take some lip scrub on my index finger and massage it into my lips.

The lip scrub I've been using and loving is by Lush. It's called 'popcorn' and it comes in a cute little pot. I've seen other flavours, like 'Bubblegum' as well.

This is the description on the Lush website: "Coconut and jojoba oils, sugar, sea salt and polenta are the perfect mix to buff your lips to perfection and leave them smooth and moisturised." After you've scrubbed your lips, you either lick or wipe of the scrub.

To moisturize your lips and to give them a shiny glow I use Kiehl's Lipbalm #1. It helps to soothe dry lips and it shields your lips from the 'drying effects of wind and cold weather'.

You'll only need a tiny bit of the lipbalm, because Kiehl's lipbalm goes a long way! And then you're done! Enjoy your soft and healthy lips during winter!

Which products do you use to battle those dry lips? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @catiemccartney!