Jan 30, 2013

Favourite iPhone Apps #1

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I've had many conversations with friends and classmates about the apps (applications) we use on our phones! I love hearing from other people what their favourite apps are because I love trying them out! That's why I've made a top five of apps that I use the most!

1. Instagram
I know, this is probably one of the most known apps ever, but I couldn't resist sharing this with you guys. This really is my most favourite app, and probably most used app! I love photography, and although some people argue that this app is for amateurs, I don't care and really love it ! It's a lot of fun to make the photo, crop it to the most exciting image and add an awesome filter to give the photo more edge!

Instagram is easy to use and I like how you can share the photo's on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and all sorts of media! I just recently discoverd some website that let's you print your photo's into polaroid kind of pictures! I will make another blogpost about that soon.

This is as good a time as ever to remind you that I have an Instagram account (@catiemccartney) and you can follow me here! I'd love to share my photos with you!

2. Temple Run
I'm not a massive gamer, mainly because it's so addicting that I don't get any work done and because the app eats the battery of my phone like no other! But there's one game I love to play and I keep playing over and over again. It's called Temple Run.

The game concept is very easy, even a non-gamer like me can do it! You're being chased by monsters, so you're running from them through the Temple. There's parts where you have to jump, slide, turn whilst you're trying to collect as many coins as possible. It's the kind of game you can play when you're waiting at the bus stop, laying in bed, waiting in line or maybe even sitting on the toilet...

3. Wunderlist
I'm such a sucker for lists! I crave structure in my life and I can't live without having a to do list around. Wunderlist is a brilliant and beautiful app for planning both daily tasks or big plans like organizing a trip. What I love most about Wunderlist is the cloud-synchronization. Which means that whether you're on your phone, computer, tablet or laptop; you're list is there. Another great feature is the deadline or reminder option. When you enable this feature, Wunderlist will send you push notifications to remind you of certain tasks. 

4. WallpapersHD
There are loads of wallpaper apps available, but after trying out a couple of them, this one really impressed me. The app is beautifully designed and very easy to use. Whilst swiping through the pages with wallpapers you'll see that there are tons and tons of different ones, and all high quality. I usually choose one funny, creative or beautiful wallpaper for the opening screen on my phone and one simple wallpaper for the screen behind my apps.  

5. Appie
This last one will be most usefull for my Dutch followers since it's an app for a Dutch supermarket. Appie is the Albert Heijn App and contains the latest 'BONUS' products, store locations, recipes, lists and news. I usually check the products with discount (bonus) before going into the store, which saves me a lot of time! 

The best feature is connected to the 'making list' option. When you've created your list with delious food, Appie gives you the option to choose the store you're going to shop at and makes a trail for you! This App will save you time walking around the store three times trying to find everything because it'll tell you where you can find everything and in which order it's most efficient to buy them. 

There you go! Five apps that I love using and that I would recommend to any of you! I'd love to hear any app suggestions from you guys! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @catiemccartney!