Dec 15, 2012

Lipstick inspired by Skyfall

Lipstick inspired by Skyfall

The new James Bond movie (Skyfall) is a huge hit. Almost everyone has either seen it or heard about it. One of the cast members, the beautiful Bondgirl, made some people especially excited! In the movie she was wearing a dark red lipstick which looked amazing. You might've asked yourself: "What colour is she wearing?"

She is wearing this beautiful burgundy coloured lipstick by MAC.

I've been on the hunt for a dark red lipstick that I can wear around Christmas and New Years for a little while now. Hence I am extremely excited I found this colour that will look festive and will look great with my skintone.

Viva Glam III is a burgundy coloured lipstick with a matte finish. It's not a classic red, I would describe it as a warm red colour.

This is how it looks with just little dabs of the lipstick on, but you can put as much on as you'd like.

Red lipsticks are slightly more difficult to work with, since every mistake will show up on your skin. Therefore it might be a good idea to use a lipliner. The lip liner I got recommended was Mahogany by MAC.

Do you guys like wearing red lipstick? And which one is your favourite?