Dec 23, 2012

DIY: Easy Christmas Decorations

Are you guys ready for Christmas? I sure am and I'm extremely excited!

You might've realised by now that I love decorating for Christmas (I love decorating in general, but Christmas decorations are my favourite)! I've put up a Christmas tree and my gingerbread house and advent calander are joining the white branches I made. It's all looking very cozy and festive.

With that said, I've shown you a couple of ways to decorate your living space, but I'm not yet done! I've collected some ideas in this blogpost that you can try out as well! 

The first option is a great idea for when you have some leftover baubles that don't fit on the tree anymore. Take a basket, fill it with Christmas baubles (if you don't have enough; add some newspaper first) and put a bow on the basket to make it look extra festive.

If you're not the 'glitter and sparkle kind of person' (or you already have your house filled up with glitter) this idea might be your cup of tea. Take some chopped wood, pinecones or chestnuts and fill a basket with a variety of the items mentioned.

It doesn't scream 'Christmas' but it's warm, cozy and fits in with the winter theme. Besides, it will make your house smell like you're in the woods on a winter day!

If you have some more pinecones you can use; the following decoration might be perfect for you. I've added pinecones, some special Christmas ornaments, a little bit of moss and a candle to a plate to make a beautiful decoration.

As for the final decoration idea, I've added some conifer to a bowl with tangerines. When I was little every year at school I got an orange. Therefore tangerines and oranges remind me of Christmas!

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a delicous dinner or other meal. I've created three ways of setting the table. Two for a Christmas dinner and one for a Christmas breakfast.

This is a classic and simple, yet elegant, way to set the table. I've used all white dishes and kept the glasses simple as well.

Here I've used the same dishes and glasses but with some red decorations. The bow on the wineglass adds a special touch, as well as the bauble with the name card. 

And finally, for Christmas morning I've used a patterned table cloth with red and white dishes and a red striped bowl to create as much festivity and cosiness.

I hope I have inspired you in any way to for decorating your living space and I wish you a merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

If you use any of the ideas shown in my blogpost, let me know and send me a tweet to @CatieMcCartney. I'd love to see them!