Nov 27, 2012

Christmas Decorations: White Branches

Christmas Decorations: White Branches

The past weekend has been exceedingly stormy, which resulted in loads of branches falling off the trees onto the roads. When I was walking through them I decided to take them home and do a DIY project with them.

As you can see these branches are about 50 centimeters (20 inches) long and are a little bit curvy. I would like to use these as christmas decorations to either put in a vase or lay them down on a table, with some added decorations.

Since I am totally into the Scandinavian design and house decorations I would like the branches to look a little bit more festive, but also a little lighter than the brown colour they are right now. So, with the help of some acrylic white paint, a brush and some water, I painted each of them white. 

One coat of paint is enough to give them a white, almost silver-y, look. You don't have to paint them very precise, because we're going for a rustic look.

After they've dried for about one hour I put them in a glass vase and added some christmas hearts to make it even more festive!