Mar 3, 2013

Shopping Haul February 2013

Hello there lovely people! I had the week off from school this week, which gave me a little bit of time to go shopping! If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I went to Primark, but I also went to the lovely city the Hague.

Here's an overview of all the items I bought. As you can see most items are what you can call essentials. And that's exactly what I was looking for, some essential clothing items to stock up my wardrobe. 

My recent shopping trip to Primark marked the third time I've been there. I've been to Primark in Germany and twice in the Primark near me, in Rotterdam. I'm not expecting the clothes to be extremely durable, I am ok with them being for one or two seasons.

One of things on my list were these tights. You've probably seen them in other (youtube) hauls before. I wanted some thick, opake black tights, to wear under dresses or skirts; and these are exactly that! I've tried them on and they're really thick and opake, they're also a little tight, but I'm hoping they'll stretch out a little bit. Price: 3 euro.
Since the weather here is still very cold and windy, I'm not yet wearing ballerinas or low shoes. Yet, I am preparing for spring and summer, and I'm hoping to wear loads of ballerinas when the weather is warmer. So I went ahead and bought some socks. These are special socks that won't be visible when you're wearing ballerinas. When I tried them on at home I also found out that they have padding on the heel and toes! Price: 2 euro.

I'm a little bummed that the photo doesn't give justice to the colour of these pillows. I guess you have to take my word for it when I say they're actually a mintgreen or light turqouise colour. My current color scheme for my bedroom is white, gray and a little bit of red. I'm trying to add (or maybe replace the red) some mintgreen to my room, because I'd like my room to be lighter for spring and summer! Price: 9 euro.

I guess now is the time to confess that I've never left Primark without buying one (or more) of their candles. I love the smells, colours, price and sizes in their collection. My current candles all have winter smells like cinnamon, which is why I bought this turqouise candle that matches my pillows and smells like summer! Price: 4 euro.

Another item I've seen in hauls before. These cleansing wipes are one of many items you walk passed on your way to checkout. This wasn't an impulse buy, because last time I debated buying them, but I didn't. This time I thought 'why not'. I use cleansing wipes everyday, so I'll defenitely use them. Price: 1,50 euro. 

Before going into Primark I'd done some research on their jeans and trousers. I'd heard a lot about the supersoft skinny jeans, and they seemed like a good deal to me. I found great colours and shapes. It was a little bit of a fuss to find the correct colour, size and shape, but I ended up with these two jeanes. Prices (left to right): 13 euros & 15 euros. 

I'm absolutely not a 'bag' kind of person, but I've wanted a new handbag for a little while now. I've been eying the longchamp totes, but they're definitely out of my price range. Hence I was extremely surprised when I saw this bag (that looks so much like the longchamp totes) hanging in the NewYorker. I love this bag because of its simplicity, the combination of black and brown leather, the size and the price! Price: 19,95 euro.

And finally I bought three sets of earrings in the Hague. The first ones are from SIX and they're a rusty gold colour. I love the edgy, yet wearable design because they'll be easy to accesorize with. Price: 4,95 euro.

These pale blue ones are definely more for summer and spring. I usually wear hangers and that's why I think these will add some much needed variety to my collection. Price: 4,95 euro.

And finally these awesome looking triangle earrings. I've worn these today and they look great! They're unique, stylish and the perfect size. I just really love them! Also, Pieces is doing a 3 for 12,95 sale on their earrings. Price: 4,95 euro.

Whoa! That's all! Thank you so much for reading this, I'd love to hear from you guys in one way or the other!  

Leave me a comment or tweet telling me what your favourite item from this haul is!