Aug 28, 2012

DIY: Earring Holder

Do It Yourself: Earring Holder

Earrings, either studs or hangers, are my favourite accessory of all time! With the right pair of earrings you can add that ‘something extra’ that makes your outfit amazing. With that said arises the problem of earrings; if you want to match them to your clothes, you’ll need a lot of different sizes and colours. Keeping my earrings from getting tangled and chaotic has been a bit of a struggle for me so that’s when I began looking for organizing options.

The first thing I tried was putting them in little boxes, but that didn’t work out because they still seemed to get tangled and messed up. Then, one day, I saw this little Eiffel Tower in a jewelry store. The problem with this was that it was too tiny to hold all my earrings.
So that’s when I decided to make my own earring holder. Making your own earring holder has a couple of advantages. First of all you can make it as big or as small as you prefer it to be, secondly you can customize the colour(s), shape(s) and fabric(s). And lastly it’s a fun ‘do it yourself’ project!

Items you’ll need to make this earring holder:

1) a piece of wood
2) some fabric (slightly larger than the wood)
3) lace
4) fiber filt (same size as your wood)
5) glue or duct tape

The first step in making this earring holder is choosing which materials you’re going to use. By choosing a different kind of fabric, lace or maybe even an odd shape of wood you can customize the look of you holder.

Cut the fiber filt in the same size as the wood and lay them on top of each other. Then cut the fabric a little bit bigger than the wood so that you can fold it around the edge to secure it on the back. Cut rows of lace in the same lenght as the fabric you just cut and sew the lace onto the fabric. Make sure you only sew through the top of the lace so that the bottom is not attached to the fabric.
Put the fiber filt on the wood and the fabric (with the lace) on top of that and turn it around. Make sure the lace rows are in straight horizontal lines. Glue or duct tape (for more security) the fabric onto to back of the wood to keep it all together.

You can either hang or stand this holder and then you’re finished!

I usually hang only my hangers on this holder but studs will do fine as well (with thick fiber filt).
Good luck in trying this DIY out and till next week!